Do you remember that moment, growing up, when you realized that boys are different from girls?  No, I am not just talking about the anatomy part.  But rather, that moment where all of a sudden the boy who lived across the street–the one you played super heroes with every day before–said you had “cooties?” That moment you realized, you were a girl and he was a boy–and that, meant you were different.

There is a process to finding out who we are created to be–what our purpose(s) are on this earth–and our gender plays a role in that.  The only problem is that we grow up with a million messages about who we are as women.

Literally, from the moment we are born, our parents, families, media, friends–everyone–gives us information about our identity and worth.  You would think this would make things easier; only many of these messages contradict one another making it even more difficult to discern truth from fiction.

Life for many of us is a process of sifting through these messages.

Life for those of us who are female, often means sifting through harmful, negative, confusing messages about what it means to be a woman. We are trying to make it in a world where the media, business world, advertising, and even our churches are giving us conflicting images of who we need to try to become; because we are always “too much” or “not enough.” Rarely do we hear the words “you are enough” and “you are beautiful.”

This blog is about redefining what it means to be female. It will not be a diatribe about how men have ruined us (they too have their own set of confusing messages that they are trying to live up to). But rather it is my hope that as we begin to redefine who we as women are meant to be, we will be inviting the men in our lives to also embrace the fullness of who they are created to be.

This blog is about uncovering the truth and beauty of what it means to be a woman.