During all the years we were in school (some of us still are), September brought anxiety, excitement, chaos, and many decisions to make regarding what activities and commitments we would make for the year.

Now, even though many of us are out of school, we are still faced with decisions on how we will spend our time, for some of us how our kids will spend their time, and what we take on this season.  A new class? a gym membership? An area to serve in our community?

Similar to New Years, September gives us an opportunity for a fresh start. So today, as it is “Labor Day,” I want to ask:

How much laboring do you want to do this year (at least in the areas you have a choice!)?

What do you want to take on?

How do you want to do things differently?

Below are some posts that help me put things into perspective and/or have helped me take a break when my schedule has gotten crazy:

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May today be one of rest and relaxation…and not so much Laboring.