As I have mentioned before, I am somewhat of a coffee addict–not just caffeine–but caffeinated coffee addict.  I love the kick I get from the caffeine obviously–but I LOVE the taste of a good cup of coffee. So much so that sometimes, at night, I start craving it and looking forward to the cup I will have in the morning. Sad, I know.

But I think part of what is tied up in my coffee love is many good memories of conversations that have happened over hundreds of cups of coffee. Sophomore year of college, almost every day, my friends and I would walk to a coffee shop in town, where we would sit for hours talking about “girl stuff.”  Then, my junior year, one of my mentors affirmed my calling to ministry over styrofoam coffee cups, in a Dunkin Donuts. Finally, some of the most powerful conversations I have had over the past eight years, have been at Starbucks, where I have witnessed young women make life changing decisions.

The reason I share all of this, is because I like to think of this blog as our coffee shop–the place where we can have conversations about life-changing things.

As many of you know, I was away for the past week or so, but our journey of Redefining Female was not far from my thoughts. As I thought about this blog, one thing kept coming to my mind:

Redefining Female has to be a group effort. 

It has to be actions more than words. It has to be you and me, our best friends, our mothers, grandmothers, and sisters–all the women we know and don’t know–deciding that we will no longer stand under the small umbrella definition that has been put over our heads.

It means seeking to change our own definitions of beauty, success, and fulfillment–and then learning to live those definitions, not just pay them lip service.

It means learning to use our voices in ways we have never done before.

It means seeking out the true place of Eve in Creation–asking “How does God define female?” (I believe the answer is more wonderful that we can imagine)

It means seeking out women who are further along on this journey, who we can learn from, to be our mentors.

It means seeking out women who are coming up behind us, and mentoring them. (because we have more to offer other women, than we realize!)

Finally, it means we need to keep talking, keep seeking together. Terry Tempest Williams writes:

“Word by word, the language of women so often begins with a whisper.”

May you imagine, when you visit Redefining Female, that we are whispering over funky mugs of coffee (or tea), in our favorite coffee shop.  We are whispering into being a new definition, a new way of being female. We are whispering now, but my prayer is that someday, our voices will raise–not to a deafening roar, but rather an inescapable song that will catch on.

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