One of the questions I ask a lot is: What does it look like for women leaders to be both feminine and strong?

Though it is hard to find examples of women who are both, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite female TV characters–though fiction–who I feel, show us some beautiful possibilities. The only thing is, I have to admit upfront that I don’t watch too much TV–so at least one of the characters is dated (in no particular order):

Alicia Florrick from the Good Wife: During this past Sunday’s episode, Alicia was interviewed by someone downsizing her law firm.  When he asked why she should keep her job, she said simply “Because I am good.” It wasn’t arrogance–it was something we don’t see women feel free enough to be in this world: confident.


Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights: Maybe its because she works with students, encouraging them to become more than they think they are.  Maybe its because she is part of a marriage where both partners are strong at what they do, yet know they are best as a team. Tami Taylor is a wife, mother, and the kind of principal/guidance counselor every student needs in their corner.  Her character in FNL is a beautiful depiction of a strong, feminine leader that every town needs more than one of.


Kristina Braverman in Parenthood: Kristina (along with her husband) has juggled raising a teenage daughter, navigating and advocating for her son with Aspergers, an unexpected pregnancy, and is now facing breast cancer.  She is a great fictional example of a woman persevering–being strong and yet vulnerable–in the midst of real life situations.



Dr. Miranda Bailey in Grey’s Anatomy: Known as “Bailey,” her character has shown the tension a woman experiences in trying to be a tough teacher to her surgeon residents while caring for them like a mother hen. She fights for the good of her patients and residents, while also trying to be a good mom.


Jane Bingham in Drop Dead Diva: Ok, the show is a little cheesy, you have to suspend your sense of reality every episode, and she is a lawyer who wins every case.  (My husband teases me for watching it, even when I say I am going to quit).  But have you ever seen a strong, smart, and yet very girly female character, fight the injustices of the world?  Her character–though the fictional fusion of two people–keeps drawing me in!