Are you in a time of waiting?  Waiting for the right job? or any job? To meet someone to date? To have a baby? To get your ticket out of town? As I have shared this week, I am in a time of waiting, but I don’t come to it without some experience. So today, I want to share some things to do that I have found to be helpful in times of waiting. I don’t do them all perfectly, but when I do them, they help:

Enjoy the Season: Try to remember that this time of waiting is just a season of life. So often we are focused on what we want to happen, that we miss the good things that are right in front of us. What is the good in your season right now?

Try New Things: Often, times of waiting are punctuated by extra time or space in our schedules. Rather than allow these times of quiet to overwhelm us, why not use it as an opportunity to try something new? For example, as I have been seeking out and waiting for a new job, I decided to learn how to bake bread. I have tried Challah, Ciabatta, Foccacia, and everyday sandwich bread. I love baking bread! Before I know it, I will enter into a season where I have less time to be creative. Now is the time to take advantage of this extra space. Try something that will rejuvenate and inspire you!

Make You’re Own Soundtrack: Sometimes we can have really strong feelings without the words to express them. Music, I have found helps me in those times. Find some songs that speak to what your are feeling, create a playlist or mix CD, and listen to them when you find yourself in a funk. (Bonus: I will share my playlist tomorrow!)

Cultivate Your Friendships: Don’t wait alone. Be real with your friends about your struggles, while at the same time don’t spend all of your time talking about them. Share your friend’s burdens, and also plan things with your friends that help you get “out of your head.”  It may mean going on a hike, having a cooking contest (my sister and her friends are having a “best wings” contest next week), or going somewhere new! Be creative.

Keep Praying: When I am struggling with part or all of my reality, I often get mad at God for allowing me to be in that place. So I first resort to the “silent treatment” or “I will talk about everything but what I really care about” with Him.  But this “silent treatment” gets me no where. I have found that God would rather hear my frustration than my silence. God can handle my anger, and His big love for me isn’t going to go away if I am honest. Incredibly, by turning toward Him in my frustration, rather than away, I find that many times I experience God in amazing ways. In facts, part of why God allows us to be in times of waiting, is because He wants to reveal something to us about Himself.  When this happens, we begin to see that waiting is a gift, and not a curse.