As I shared yesterday, I have found that when I am in times of waiting it is good to have a soundtrack. In moments where we are wondering why something isn’t happening yet, and we don’t have the words to express our feelings about it, music can help.

As you will see I have a somewhat eclectic taste in music, but here are a few songs that are keeping me company these days or have, in other times of waiting:

Wait by Mat Kearney: Part rap, part melody, this song captures what it feels like to be at the end of our rope–or at least close.

Broken by Lifehouse: This is a beautiful song about holding on to hope when we feel like we’ve been broken for too long.

Useless Desires by Patty Griffin: This song is all about saying goodd-bye. Sometimes our seasons of waiting are ones in which we are learning to say good-bye to the past, in order to be ready for what’s ahead.

“You Have Me” by The Michael Gungor Band (now known as Gungor): This song brings me back to being nineteen, when I first answered God’s call to ministry. Back then I thought the plan God had for me was going to be straight and sure. Now, I know the road is anything but straight, yet that God’s love for me is SO sure–I can trust Him. This song is a prayer that centers me.

“Fill Me Up” by Kim Walker/Jesus Culture: Waiting can make you feel empty. It can make you feel like you have nothing left to give and no direction to go in. This song is simple yet exactly what I need to say some days.

I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons: I will leave you with this one that is on Mumford & Sons’ newest release.  There comes a point in waiting, where we have to stop striving to fix things, and do just that–wait.