If you are like me, whenever you see a great movie or read a great book, you want to share it with others!  So, today I want to share 6 fun things about A Year of Biblical Womanhood:

1. Rachel takes on Martha Stewart in both Housekeeping and Cooking!(it will make you think of the movie Julie and Julia!)

Taking on Martha Stewart

2. She adopts a “Baby-Think-it-Over” to better understand Motherhood. 

Rachel with Baby-Think-It-Over

3. To better understand the purity laws of the Old Testament, Rachel camped out in her front yard the week of her period!

4. Dan’s Journal Entries: Rachel’s husband, Dan, kept a journal during her experiment–his experiences and reflections are just as funny and meaningful!

Today marks the second day that Rachel has to call me “Master.” I’ve specifically requested a few little things for her to do: put away some dishes, organize the mail, send our friend, Quentin a bizarre instant message just for fun. Sure enough, she says “Yes, Master,” and does it!…the possibilities are quite tempting…” —A Year of Biblical Womanhood, p. 57

Praising her husband at the “city gate”

5. You will learn inspiring things about the women in the Bible (some women you may have never even heard of!).

6. Her Reflections on Women choosing to work inside or outside the Home:

“…in our efforts to celebrate and affirm God’s presence in the home, we should be wary of elevating the vocation of homemaking above all others by insinuating that for women, God’s presence is somehow restricted to that sphere. If God is the God of all pots and pans, then He is also the God of all shovels and computers and paints and assembly lines and executive offices and classrooms. Peace and joy belong not to the woman who finds the right vocation, but to the woman who finds God in any vocation, who looks for the divine around every corner.

A Year of Biblical Womanhood, p. 30


A Year of Biblical Womanhood is a fun and yet needed read in a time where we are getting so many messages about what it means to be women and men. If you are looking for a good book to read, I definitely recommend it!