As you have probably heard, those of us on the East coast are being slammed with Hurricane Sandy. So, as I have been doing all the usual preparations (storing water, doing laundry while we still have power, etc.), I have been mentally putting together a list of things to do during the storm.  Here are a few ideas in case you find yourself homebound for a day or two (prayerfully safe!):

Read a good book! If you still have power, A Year of Biblical Womanhood comes out today!  Download it on your Kindle or ipad and then make sure it is fully charged in case you lose your electricity! If this isn’t an option, read a book “the old-fashioned way!”

Give yourself a Mani/Pedi: You may not have power, but you can always paint your toes by candle light! Pick out the craziest shade you own, and brighten up the gloominess.

Cards and Board Games: Pull out some of your old fav’s like Uno or Monopoly. Maybe even some rummy or solitaire?

Journal: take some time to reflect on your life right now. What are some things you are thankful for? What are some things you want to change? Either keep these thoughts in a journal, or just think about them as you listen to the sound of the rain and wind outside.

Have a Party: Get your neighbors, family, or roommates together (anyone who doesn’t have to travel to get to you!), for snacks and games.  Have Minute to Win It competitions or a massive Apples to Apples game–whatever fits your group!

Yoga: If you have power use a DVD or a video online.  If not, even some sun salutations and downward dog, may help you relax any stir-craziness you have.

Watch Old Movies: If you have power and are getting sick of watching Sandy’s news coverage, pull out some movies you haven’t watched in a while (It may be great Pride and Prejudice or You’ve Got Mail weather!).

Actually make one of your Pinterest Pins: Again, you need power for this–or, pick out a craft, recipe, or home project before you lose power and write down the instructions, so that you can still do it–sans internet.

Put together a puzzle: its something we don’t often do, yet some great conversations can be had while putting pieces together!

Enjoy the candle light: Even if you don’t lose power (but you have enough candles just in case), make coffee or tea, light some candles, and just enjoy the fact that you don’t have to go anywhere (its a rarity in our world!).

Praying for all those of you who are weathering the storm like we are!

What do you like to do on stormy days?