My grandparents were blessed with the ability to bring life out of dirt. Thanks to the GI bill, my grandfather had a degree in both horticulture and floriculture, and for years, my Grandmother has served as the president of her town’s Garden Club. As a kid, my grandfather used to show me the tomatoes he grew, and my grandmother would take me to the green house where she brought seeds to life in flower pots. Yellow watering can in hand, she would walk me down narrow rows of herbs and flowers, telling me the names of each one as we passed.

“This one is rosemary…these are rhododendrons…” she’d say, as she watered this one and pruned another.

My Nana continued to impart in me an appreciation for all things plant life, when I moved in with her and my grandfather shortly after graduating from college. On sunny afternoons when I was off from work, she and I would take walks through the neighborhood and she would point out beautiful plants in people’s yards that I would not have noticed otherwise.

One day, on such a walk, we passed by a house that belonged to one of her garden club friends. I looked over and was surprised to see that this woman’s driveway was lined with pots of all sizes, filled with all different kinds of plants. There must of been at least fifty pots and planters on either side of her driveway. This astounded me because it meant that the gardener who tended them had to know a lot about what each plant needed.

I was about to keep walking, when I had one of those inner “I need to pay attention to this” moments. As I looked at the rows of planted pots, I began to sense that God was showing me something. All of these beautiful plants were the product of this woman’s heart, her passion. Then He began to reveal to me that there were going to be things that He was going to grow out of my heart, and my passions. They weren’t necessarily going to be plants, but they were going to be unique to the heart He has given me.

Very often, when seeking success, we focus on our external opportunities and situations, rarely thinking about what is already in our hearts, waiting to be birthed. We look at how others have realized their success, and we try to mimic what they did. But what about the success that only you can have? What about the success only I can bring into being?

Jesus told the disciples that a good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart (Luke 6:45), what is the good in your heart that is waiting to be brought to life?