When I was in 8th grade, I had an English teacher who told us that her last name meant “star.” She had us read these incredible books that opened my eyes to worlds I had never known–and she dared me to write.

She gave us assignment after assignment on writing, so that at the end of the year, my classmates and I had literally written a book of short stories.  However, out of about fifteen or twenty stories, there is only one that I remember quite vividly; the story I wrote about Thanksgiving. The reason it was so special? My mom and I wrote it together.

My teacher had us write about making a Thanksgiving meal with our family, and as a part of our story, we were required to include two recipes.  Not ever having made Thanksgiving dinner (other than helping in the kitchen, cutting apples for the pie, or potatoes to be mashed), I went to the Cook of all cooks–my mom.  She gave me two recipes, and then helped me write out the process of making each, in a creative way.  As we wrote, it struck me how much goes into making each part of the Thanksgiving meal–and that my mom did it ALL for us so beautifully.

Later in life, when my husband and I were dating, we decided to make our own Thanksgiving meal at my apartment and host some other Pennsylvania transplants. We planned what we were going to make, bought all of the food we needed (as locally grown as possible), and called my mom–a lot! She talked me through making her stuffing recipe, baking a turkey, and making gravy (which didn’t turn out so well, but was definitely a beginner’s error!). Overall, the meal was a success!

As we prepare to feast heavily on aromas and tastes of tomorrow’s Holiday, let us not forget to be thankful for our mothers or grandmothers who have traditionally filled our Thanksgiving tables with deliciously prepare food. And perhaps if we are not the “cooks,” let us bless whoever is cooking our meal with help–either in preparation or clean up!

Happy Thanksgiving!