A few weeks ago, I shared my “Christmas Non-Negotiables,’ in other words things that make Christmas, Christmas for me. One of “my Non-Negotiables” was giving. I explained:

It is needed and important all year round, but as we celebrate a Holiday that our culture has made more and more about getting, we are finding it increasingly important to do the opposite. It is in our giving–not our receiving–that we are reminded of how much we are so blessed already. 

I then went on to say that I would give you an update on ways that my husband and I are giving this year. Today, I want to share about two of the organizations that we have decided to give to and why. We knew we wanted to give both locally and globally, as both are important to us; so, we chose a local and a global organization to give to.

Locally, we chose to support our Food Bank. With so many people experiencing tough times, food banks are helping feed families. But because there are so many in need, the needs of the food bank are growing. As many of us know, they are always looking for donations of canned goods and non-perishables, but they also can use monetary donations, as well as people to volunteer their time to sort food.

canned food

The global organization we decided to support is World Vision.  We both have had a lot of exposure to the organization through church events, and through sponsoring a child. The thing we like about World Vision is that they have so many ministries within their organization that help meet a variety of needs in communities all over the world. There are opportunities to change: the life of a child through sponsorship, a whole family by giving one person a small business loan (sometimes for as little as one hundred dollars you could change the future of an entire family), the life of a girl rescued from sex trafficking, and so much more. They also have this great Gift Guide that explains the many ways that you can give gifts in honor of a family member or friend.  Struggling to find what to give the person in your life who has everything?  Donate a goat and two chickens in their name, and feed a whole family!


Because I haven’t been working this past year, I have to admit that at times it feels like we don’t have much to spare.  But what I have found through our giving is that we have more than we realize, and that a little can go a long way.

If you want to give this Season, but don’t know if you will get to it before Christmas day,  know that those same needs will be there after the New Year, and that its never a bad time to give.

Are there any organizations you give to, that you would like to share?